Personal VVIP Security & Escort

People in the public eye or important positions realize the value of having a strong security team. For actors, business executives, and politicians, having well-trained bodyguards who are able to take charge in serious situations can mean the difference between having a normal day and disaster.

Here are some of the ways an experienced VIP security company like X-MIL Security can help keep VIPs.

  • High risk VVIP Protection High risk VIP’s escort, private villa & family protection, property management safety, building site security & private agent investigations.
  • VVIP ESCORT the driver is always careful and ready to make a defensive maneuver at any time; the plan of sequencing in the tuple is discussed in advance; the main vehicle with the client is closely guarded to avoid armed attack and dangerous situations; in case of emergency, namely in a possible attack and dangerous situations, the driver is always ready to resort to extreme driving techniques; drivers of security vehicles always interact with the main one.

Car Rental

Rent a car in seychelles with Linkup! We will deliver the car to you, anywhere on Mahe! 

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Island Tour

Register to book an Amazing Services Island Tour with Linkup. 

See Iconic sites, the best restaurants and famous beaches on the Seychelles islands.

You can Book a Half day tour or Full day tour

A quality service is the key

Our Aim and objective is to provide the highest , professional services in Seychelles

  • Personal Security

    Explore seychelles in absolute safety and luxury. Be protected by the BEST security team on the island!

  • Car Rental

    Explore seychelles at your own pace and discover every corner of islands!

  • Delivery Genie

    Order anything, anytime and anywhere on Mahe island and have it delivered to you instantly!

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